Urban Institute 

Whole Life Preparation for Urban Ministry New Hope Community Development Corporation (CDC) is offering a 12-month, Christ-centered, discipleship and training experience, as part of our Urban Institute”. The program is designed specifically for future ministry leaders, teachers, and non-profit staff who are interested in ministering to and empowering low-income youth and families as part of their career trajectory. A paid, part-time after school position, is part of the Urban Institute experience. A major goal of the Urban Institute is to prepare future teachers and ministry leaders to serve in low-income, urban settings by providing them with both the practical tools and character formation to make long-term (possibly life-long!) commitments to local schools and non-profit ministries. Participants will receive job experience, practical training, and Biblical foundations in urban missiology, whole life discipleship, racial reconciliation, ministry/non-profit leadership, and holistic youth development (mind, body, soul). There are options for both a “live-in” experience (in a ministry house setting with other participants), as well as a “drive-in” experience for commuters.


“We know from Scripture that God does not grow faint or weary as He works to redeem EVERY individual created in His image. He sees them through the eyes of Christ as blessed with leadership to offer back to their communities, and being restored from the personal and structural sin that has hindered His purposes for their lives.” – Brian Heller de Leon, Urban Institute Director 



 Participants will have the option to live “in community” in a ministry house with other interns from different ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds (same gender). As friendships are formed, participants will come to a deeper knowledge of God’s love, grace. As they live and work side by side, and with children and families, they will experience God’s ongoing work of reconciliation through the Cross that reconciles all people and all communities unto Himself. Participants will also meet bimonthly with one of the Urban Institute directors for intentional discipleship and leadership formation. MINISTRY WORK EXPERIENCE IN AN ACADEMIC SETTING Interested participants may be hired to work part-time (10-20 hours per week) coordinating after-school or before-school programs for low income children in South Sacramento and Downtown. The focus of the New Hope CDC after-school programs is inherently holistic. Academic supports, physical fitness, emotional health, and faith formation are fully integrated. The after-school coordinators are focused on the development of the whole child, just as God sees them. PRACTICAL TRAINING IN MINISTRY & NON PROFIT LEADERSHIP Participants will also have the opportunity to serve as interns in their home churches or in local non-profit ministries of their choice as part of the Urban Institute experience. They will receive training in the form of weekly workshops from current ministry leaders, helpful feedback on their leadership skills, and assessments to help them better understand and “lead out of” their God-given gifts & strengths. Participants will also learn, and practice, some of the fundamental principles of Christian Community Development (CCD) and “Asset-Based” Community Development (ABCD). As a group they will attend the Fresno City Summit in March, a regional conference associated with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).